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I've been using computer for 16 years. Yes, I'm that old. In the beginning I didn't like Mac much because it wasn't WYiSWYG. It is so hard to design a document without this element.  PCs weren't much better. As the years passed this really clever guy created this wonderful processing enhancement and all these useful programs. His name is Bill Gates, you may have heard of him. He called his company Microsoft. MS for short. As computers became more advanced so did MS. People liked using his word processing program 'Word'. It is WYISWYG. Oh, it made life so much easier.

I rarely used Macs because well, it wasn't as popular as PCs with MS programs. IBM used to be the big PC creator. The computers were very expensive and so people bought IBM compatible computers instead. All personal computers no matter if made by IBM or some other company were collectively called PCs. This is long before the time of Dell. Mostly I used computers for work. Companies used them to compute numbers, words or whatever they chose. I occasionally would borrow other people's computers to do my own personal stuff, mostly creating documents to make my life more organized.

When I took some continuing education classes in graphic design they used Macs. It had been so long since I had used one, I had to relearn how to navigate. It is different than a PC. I really enjoyed using Macs. They have functions that PCs don't. Yes, many of the shortcut keys especially ones used on a PC as Control  ... (something) worked. I was told the base DOS programming language is the same for either type, that's why that works. On a Mac though it is Command ... (something). I became very comfortable learning all those new techniques as well as some new graphic design programs. At the same time I was working and at that job I used a PC to do my job.

The keyboard is significantly different and for me is the most difficult transition between the two types. PC keyboard keys are set higher up and I have to push harder and my fingers have to be more limber to type for long periods. Mac keyboard keys are shorter and even a light tap gets the job done with less stress on my fingers. I can actually type faster on a Mac than a PC. Less stress more efficiency. There are many difference actually; though, this for me, is the most difficult one in which to adjust.

I have been using both platforms for several years. There are options that I like better on what is now referred to as 'Windows' (rather than PC); though, I prefer using a Mac. Mac has one fabulous feature. You can use a windows platform on a Mac. I haven't seen this feature on windows, yet. I'm glad I know both. It gives me a well rounded body of knowledge to work from and the ability to enhance my skills on both.

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Dang, I hate when EP doesn't tell me I had a new comment. Urg! Sorry for the delay in responding, apparently I had some technical problems. <br />
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I love Leopard its great. Plus I could download Snow-Leopard for only $30 if I wanted. When does a company allow an upgrade for that little? Very rarely.

I do it by myself too. I learned everything I know, except those graphic design programs on my own. In some cases I used a book for reference, though mostly I learn by using the program.<br />
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Sure let me know what you'd like to know. Hopefully I can help out. :~)