Out In The Streets (part2)

The guy was someone that had retired from my profession and become a coach driver. He was walking with another guy and wearing his coach driver uniform. What should I do? Run? Freeze? Say hi? Well actually none of these. I walked past him and was sure that he would recognise me, for despite all the finery it would not have been difficult upon close examination to see who I was. But no, he just walked past me...phew, amazing. A little shaken and only just out of the hotel, I sat on a wall and had yet another cigarette, heart pounding even more than before. After a few minutes to clear my head I was ready to hit the streets again.

The experience was part elation, part terror. It was really exciting to be walking around this strange city dressed as I had always wanted to, my heels clicking on the pavement. Catching glimpses of myself in the shop windows and I thought looking pretty good. However, I didn't really know how convincing my em femme ensemble was. Was I fooling anyone? did anyone realise I was a CD but just didn't care? Perhaps folk are so busy that I was just not noticed. I suppose I will never know. The strange thing is that nothing dramatic actually happened at all. I went shopping, went for a meal, went into various bars and coffee houses, and nothing happened.

Being middle aged may have helped, and wearing smart and age appropriate clothing not some of my more 'slutty' gear may have helped to. I did get some odd glances and imagined people thinking, "that's a guy", but no one actually said anything. The most difficult part I found was when I was left alone for a few moments, I certainly got the once over from the women who walked by, but no more than that.

I must say that wearing high heels all day was a new experience and it certainly was a relief to take off the boots and let my feet recover for a few minutes when sitting out and enjoying a coffee and cigarette.

It was something I had always wanted to do, I did it, with a mixture of terror and exaltation. I had not been 'outed' or embarrassed in public, not been laughed at, or attacked. It was a brilliant experience, and I have since done this again and again, and even been brave enough to do it locally. Just wish I could dress like this all the time.
mentholgal mentholgal
51-55, M
Jul 9, 2010