Why Shouldn't I?

Why is it that in today society that MOST people think of crossdressers as gay? I realize that there are some that are but think about it.

If a guy is gay, why would he want to be with another male dressed as a woman?

I normally only crossdress in lingerie.
I have painted my toe nails and had them painted for a month a time.
I have worn my only dress a couple times now, but only when the wife is gone.

I really enjoy the feeling of lingerie. Lingerie has so many different types of materials and so many different styles to choose from.

So yes I enjoy crossdressing but I still love women (my wife)!
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I have always wondered why people think that men that wear silky lingerie are gay, most are married, I married at age 22 and have 4 grown up Children and I am still married to the same Wife since 1971
I just happen to like the texture and feeling of silky knickers against my **** and balls.

I am the same as you and I always wonder why people always think that lingerie wearing men must be gay, I have a lovely girlfriend that supports my great desire to wear silky materials and stockings under my male clothes.

yes i aggree with u totally on the crossdressing people are far too narrow minded on these things there are lots of us out there take me i was married for 34 years till my wife died we had two kids together so does that makwe me gay i have crossdressed for over 50 years my daughter as always known i crossdress and she as no problems at all with it my wife did not like me doing it but allowed it is your wife aware that you crossdress as i made the mistake of not telling mine all i can say is it does not matter to me what people say or think i enjoy it and i love women and seek only a female partner i judge no one for what ever there choose to be i get on with all people no matter what there kink is so u keep on doing what u do as i shall

I told my current wife with in a week of meeting her. I didn't want any surprises for her later. I wanted her to accept me for who I am. My wife supports me but doesn't participate with me when I am dressed.

thankyou very much for that glad to see you did not make the same mistake as i did it was wrong of me all those years ago but i was affraid i would loose her but now on the dating site i do tell them the truth in my profile and inded have had quite a few block me but i enjoy what i do so if i have to live my life alone so be it

The literature reports most crossdressers love women

My question to you is, does it matter if a cross dresser is BI of Gay? I myself see no insignificance either way!

It doesn't matter to me, but in society's eyes all/most crossdressers are bi-sexual or gay

The only cross dressers that most people see are the movies version which virtually is always portrayed as gay. Thus when they do encounter a cross dresser their only reference point is the movie version. That's my thought.

This is discussed so much by so many, but is there an answer? NO!