What A Sight It Must Have Been ...me In My Knickers And Stockings And Her In A Red Lacey Push Up Bra

For as long as I remember I have had a fascination about woman's underwear. In my early teens I took every opportunity that presented itself to get my hands on satin silk or lace knickers. I've been into the drawers of mothers, sisters, aunties, cousins , friends sisters, sisters friends, wife's friends, work colleagues...the list is endless.

When I first got married ..I had to wait until my wife was out of the house to put my panty plan into action. As soon as the coast was clear I was into her drawers and quickly slipped on a pair of her nicest knickers for a nice session of self pleasure.

My fascination continued to blossom to a point where our love making sessions where more hot and steamy when my wife was was wearing he frillies ...than when we were naked. After 20 years of marriage and 4 children our sex was just getting better and better.

Around this my wife and we took a 5 day break in Paris...it was such a nice break as we walked around the city of love holding hands and behaving like love struck teenagers. On the third day my wife went off to get her hair done and we arranged to meet later that afternoon in the hotel.

When I arrived, early as I thought, for our rendezvous I realized she had got back to the hotel before me and when I entered the room she was waiting on the bed wearing the most beautiful red satin and lace knickers suspenders and stockings.

As soon I feasted my eyes on her I got aroused and I quickly removed my clothes and joined her. My head immediately went down between her legs and through the red satin crotch of her new knickers I worked my mouth and tongue so hard that she just got wetter and wetter.

I then lay on my back and she un-clipped her suspender belt and placed it around me followed by the stockings and knickers. (What a sight it must have been ...me in my knickers and stockings and her in a red lacey push up bra).

It was so exciting and emotional at the same time as she went on top and maneuvered herself up and down at a steady pace until we both climaxed at the same time. The thing that we both remember about the moment is that we both felt the splashes... almost like raindrops on our faces.

That was 10 years ago and since then I have confessed to my wife about my fetish and fascination of womans Knickers, Bras, suspenders and stockings. She initially found it strange that I wanted to dress up outside of our lovemaking.... but eventually she has excepted it and has grown to actually enjoy it.

30 years on and I love her more that ever.... I love the intimate moments ...sometimes when were lying in bed together ...her in her pajamas and me in my suspender kickers and stockings.
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A great story of love and lingerie.