Being Male And Female Is Okay


Well,  I really enjoy dressing in skirts and silky underwear. It turns me on. I feel soft and feminine but I also feel very male.

I don't think being male means one has to reject one's feminine side. I enjoy being very tender, sensual and strong and aggressive in another moment.

Why skirts and lingerie ?  Because men's clothing is extremely dull, unimaginative, and generally very rough. All dull, dark colours, I live in a hot climate; a

pair of soft panties and a short skirt give a cool feeling. I ususally wear male tops: soft polo shirts.

Are there any others who feel very strong and male and soft and sensual at the same time. I like to hear from them..........

peterbangkoknow peterbangkoknow
56-60, M
4 Responses Mar 7, 2010

I think you see yourself as a male when you look in the mirror. What you need is a professional makeover to bring out Petra. And for goodness sake change your user name. Be the girl you want to be.

I am here, a straight male that enjoys the female side of things. I am a sissy, there is no doubt.

Feel a little horny though<br />
Heels and lipstick, a nice skirt, enjoy.<br />

Yes I understand about what you are saying when I dress I don't feel femmine .