Started Young By Girls

When I was 9 years old,my parents both worked,so my mother would leave me at her friends house while she was at work.The friend worked too,but had a 15 year old daughter who was my so called baby sitter.It was summer vacation,and the 15 yo girl watching me had her best friend over almost everyday.They would lock themselves in her room for hours.I asked if I could come in one day,wanted to be with them..They told me it was girls only,but that if I wanted to play pretend,and pretend to be her little sister and  let them dress me up as a little girl,they would let me in and spend some time with me, but it had to be our secret.Playing dress up sounded like fun, so I let them ***** me down and dress me in girls panties,a short skirt,a blouse,bobby socks,girls shoes.She had these from when she was younger and they fit just fine,They then put a wig on my head which she had several large dolls and the wigs were removable.They then put lipstick and makeup on me and when I looked in the mirror,I didnt recognize myself,I looked like a little gurl.I hung out with the two of them,and she told me that I was now her little sister,and that I should let them know when I had to go potty. Well, potty time came and they both went in the bathroom with me,took down my gurly undies and held my ****,my **** as they called it,and I peed into the toilet as they aimed and watched my urine shoot were they aimed it.Some of the urine got onto the seat and floor.They told me I was a bad little girl,and that I woudl have to be punished,She sat down on a chair,took me over her knee and they both spanked me,which got me excited,They said ,oh look,sissy needs help! They stood me up and *********** me til I came,******* for the first time that I can remember.We did this routine every day for weeks.Sometime they would tie me up,tease me and play with my body as they pleased,collar me and lead me around like their little puppy dog.One day, when her friend wasnt there,she had the collar on me,and she sat down on edge of her bed,skirt up,no panties on and pulled my face between he legs with the leash and instructed me step by step on how to eat her ***** and suck her **** til she came.She taught me how to suck and fondle her  perky little developeing breasts and nipples.She and her friend got to the point were they would lubricate and finger my ***,while they sucked or *********** me dry! I  had  a couple of very educational summers,and it was our secret,I have been crossdressing ever since,I find it mentally and physically very stimulating and feel just like a little gurl as all the old memories run thru my mind!

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Very hot Sis. Thank you for sharing.

love your story i'll have to tell you about my baby sitters

What a very stimulating story!! I bet those two summers with those older "sitters" was most enlightening!!

Well, you are well "trained", you lucky girl....

really a nice story !

I never see her girlfiend anymore,but she is married now,and sometimes at weddings aniverseries,holiday parties,she and her mother attend because of the connection to my mother,and at the one party, I went to the bathroom upstairs,she invited herself in, locked the door,and started kissing me as she fondled my privates,she being as agressive and dominant as ever..She sat me down on top of the toilet seat,pulled up her dress and dropped her panties,and pulled my face into her *****,and said ,eat me ***** !I licked and sucked her ***** and **** til she came.she said, thanks,u r still good and u turn me on,this brings back some good old memories, and I will be in touch!She went back downstairs to the party ,gave her hubby a kiss,and acted as if nothing had happened.I always look forward to seeing her again.

have you ever seen either of them passing?

That is an incredibly arousing story.

wow im glade you hade a good childhood