The Experience Says It All.

I have liked crossdressing my whole life but with the exception of one cousin when I was young have never been able to share it with anyone.  I tried once with my wife but she didnt like it and now it is off limits with her.  I wish there was a way to share it without being unfaithfull to her.

Missundrstood Missundrstood
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5 Responses Mar 12, 2010

yes its a really crazy society women can cross dress and we don't batter an eye-lid but if a man puts on a dress unless he's on stage thin all h*ll breaks out.One day men will be able to walk down streets but I fear not for a few years

My wie buys my pantys fqr me all the time.She will even let me wear her pantys. She says whats mine is hers and whats hers is mine.So we share .

I would say so. I know if something ever happens between my wife and me, anybody else will know before we go too far. I won't go through this again.

I try to keep it from her, she really doesnt like it. Now my dressing is when she is out of town and that is only wearing undies.

I understand how you feel. I have shared with my wife, but she does not understand or really accept my crossdressing. She kind of knows that I do it, but it is a taboo subject in our lives.