I Woke Up Lonely, I Wish I Could Still Be Sleeping.

A family member started texting me, to see if I'm okay. It woke me up.
I see you've not called or texted since last night and you didn't come and get your work truck so i know you didn't go. Our lease is up in a few days, you decided to not pay next months rent before i was informed of you leaving and apparently I'm going to have to cut living here with you shorter than i expected. You left me to do all this myself. Cats you brought onto our home that i can not afford alone and cannot bring to my family members house which i will have to move into. I love our pets, one if which you brought home yourself and another you agreed to. You should be the one to take them to the pound, not me. I didn't choose this, you are who left over small things that can be fixed. I don't have a job, which is exactly what you wanted... Me to stay home and clean up after you, make me depend on you. Its you who suddenly is not inlove with me. Its you who says you aren't coming back one thousand times but you still love me. If you change your mind you'll let me know you say... And I've been waiting for you.

This should be you.
Dellem Dellem
22-25, F
Sep 23, 2012