I just took my husband back, he is up to his old tricks again.

I have given the man 4 kids and my teens as well as my 20's.

I am mid 20's now. He totally crushed me again, this isn't the first time he has cheated.

I would have had a 5th child with him except I lost the baby.

I tried to please him I really did. I tried to make him happy, be a good wife and all he could want.

What can  you do when they don't appreciate you?

Well here is the real kicker he is trying to find a new woman to be with who the discription sounds exactly like me.

Preminitions Preminitions
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i agree with happytiger ,you gave him another chance and he cheated again he does not appreciate you and u deserve to be with someone who respects,appreciates & loves u for who u r .

Yeah thanks me too, he's an ***.

awh i'm so sorry


oh Prem I didn't realize I am so bummed but remember you are trying and the blame lays with him not you! <br />
IDK what you can do because I am not sure want you want right now from your marriage. <br />
<br />
I am here for you know that I hope!

Any time you need us, we are here!!!!!

Anytime, sweety!!!!!!!

Thanks all.

What I don't get is the physical discription and the personality and intrests are me, that is exactly what confuses me about the whole profile he put up, and all his profiles are like that it's creepy! But yes I know I have friends who care and I am not going to beat myself up over this stupid situation.

I agree with Tigarzback Hes in love with the thought of who you "could" be not who you really are. Youre trying way too hard for someone who isnt trying to do anything for you.

I have an open heart and a willing ear...anytime, sugar....

It would appear that he is in love with the image of you, not you yourself, if he is looking for another who is physically similar to you. I do not know you well, but you deserve a big, fatherly hug and lots of love. ((((((((((( hug for premiitions )))))))))))!!!!

Don't beat yourself up about it Hun........ You have friends who care if you need em OK =)

Thanks, yes he is a total jerk! I realize how much of a jerk now.

Well I wouldn't know personally Hun...... But it sounds to me like you got yourself a jerk.......... **hugs**

Not all marriages suck....just the one's that include a jerk......I know..I've been there......<br />
<br />
So sorry, sugar....<br />
<br />

Marriage sucks

SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO sorry to hear that Sweety