Dr. House Is Staring At Me

Normally, I've never been attracted to Hugh Laurie, but Speechless's avatar is kind of hot.  I think it's the dark blue shirt.  Maybe it's that serious, yet sexy face.  No.  I think it's the shirt.  The dark blue against the black background.  

Ahh, who cares?  It's hot.

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23 Responses Feb 17, 2009

What happened to my Sexy Avatar story? I'm confused. And a little sad. *pout*<br />
<br />
I desperately need a muffin.

We all know that!!

ok this train has gone way off the tracks here

I like the ones you can eat but not ingest.

I like Blueberry and Cran-Orange muffins. But not the other ones.

i love muffins their tasty

All muffins are meant to be eaten. Some just aren't meant to be ingested.

hey mewold u made fun of my spelling what the heck is a miffin

some muffins are meant to be eaten and some arn't.

Wait just a minute here!! Whose muffins are we talking about? (I don't think Hugh has a muffin to his name anyway)

Beneath Chuck Norris' beard is no chin. only another fist

That's precisely what I was thinking.

Minnie Pearl!?!? Now I'm really confused.

CK, are you saying Dr House looks like a muffin?

I think maybe he looks a little like Minnie Pearl, but without the hat.

I'm confused and want a muffin. Wait. No. I want Dr. House.

Chuck Norris?!!? Yes. You are probably the only one that thinks that!! LOL

Am I the only one who thinks he looks kind of like Chuck Norris?

How am I supposed to know?

What's going on?

oh ive always liked house!

oh ive always liked house!

What are you saying?!!?