This Is Why I Cry

No one can see when you r crying inside. Nobody knows. Nobody cares. No matter how close they stand, they are blind to see.Even if they could... Would they care? would they ask. why? Cause I dont belong here, cause Im lonely, no matter how many people are around me. Am I so different? Am I so stupid? Do I see too much? Do I care too much? Should I change? Could I? So many questions so little answers..Thats why Im crying inside, where no one sees .. no one hears.. Cause I dont know. I ask.. And nobody answers..  
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5 Responses Sep 27, 2010

JenniferSometimes> Thanks for good advice! <br />
DeepForest>> Unfortunately its not easy to be honest <br />
and find good honest friends,but.. impossible is nothing, right?<br />
So Thank you for your true words :)

Online peopel are either more honest than in real life or not honest at all. I think if you are honest - just be honest - and keep an open mind be also keep a wary eye - to make sure nobody takes advantage of you - or lies to you.<br />
<br />
I guess the point of keeping it all to yourself just makes the situation worse - so it would be better to find a true and good friend - and both be honest together. We like to think we are all different, but often there are a lot of us that feel the same. Find the type of people that are like you - and you will probably all have similar complaints - which is good. Then you will know you are with people that feel the same way as you about life.<br />
<br />
Try to figure out why you are not happy, then see if you can work on those things to make your life better because remember you will always have you to live with because sometimes people in your life come and go, so it is better to be happy with yourself as your life will be less complicated.<br />
<br />
Good luck.

Thanks:) Im trying, but sometimes Im just suffering and its hard to fight with this alone. But I wish someday I'll win this fight:D

Be around with positive and happy people. Keep yourself from feeling low.. get into outdoor or active activities with groups of friends. I feel for you dear as I am in my lowest pit myself, I will do anything to be happy again.

I don't think it is that people don't care, i think people honestly do no know what to do.<br />
I know sometimes when i tell someone how low i am feeling, they really do not know how low i<br />
really am. But they don't really know what to say.<br />
I am in a situation right now where i am beyond upset, but i doubt my friend realizes it.<br />
Just don't ever give up. :)