Pain Hidden Within; Making Its Presence Known Out.

For the past few days now, it seems like all I can ever really do is cry, internally and on the out. Deep within, all I ever do is cry, so on the out, I look very stressed, tired, etc. I try my best not to cry on the out, at least not in front of others. Instead, I wait until the night, when I know my friends will not come to hang out with me for a few. When it's late, I let the tears poor out and they never seem to stop. Many nights, I had fallen asleep, tear-stained and nose all stuffed.

I cannot even remember a day where I had a peaceful slumber, or even day filled with nothing but happiness. I always have so much on my mind, none of which is ever really a positive thing, which just attributes to my depression even more so. I degrade myself verbally, physically, mentally, and emotionally. I taint the very ground I walk on. I darken each bright day little by little, second by second. How I even have friends, I will never understand. It's simply... strange.

Time will tell when I will get better. That is, if I actually attempt to better myself, then so be it. Things will get better. If I do not, then I'm stuck with my depression, inferiority complex, and anything else I may or may not have. I suppose, the Goddess of Time and Wisdom will have the answers to that for me.
Destati Destati
22-25, F
1 Response Oct 23, 2012

:( :( :( You can always talk to me...