Im Different And This Is My Story

i was different from the way i was born. i have left sided hemiplegia. thats what makes me different from everyone else. i know my family hates me, even though they dont show it, i know they do, i know they wish they had a normal daughter. im not gonna lie my mum is the best woman in my life but i know she's sick and tired of me. i know she gives up most of her time just to take care of me. but i don't want that, i want her to live her life without worrying about me. if i could, believe me i would, change everything for her and make her the happiest/proudest mum in the world. but i cant and that makes me feel worthless, i can never repay her back for everything shes done for me.

from my first day in nursery ive been different, when i was i always had to sit alone, simply because all the kids thought was strange and didnt want to know me. all throughout primary school i felt alone simply because nobody liked me, everybody used to think that i was just a weird little girl. but i wanted to fit in so badly, id try and go make friends with the kids in my class but they simply didnt want to know me and that hurt me really bad, i thought i was going be lonely for the rest of my life and that killed me from the inside.

then i started high school, i thought things were gonna change, but i was stupid to think that, high school was the same i got bullied in class, all the boys used to bully me and i felt the same again, but the eventually i started making friends in year 9 and i was happy till now...

im in year 11 now yeah i go to school everyday with a massive smile on my face on my face, simply because i dont wanna tell anyone how i feel, cuz i dont want nobodys sympathy i just want to fit in. is that too much to ask for? but i know that will never fit in and thats what kills me. i cant do things that everybody else does simply because of my health and i hate that, i get told everyday that ill never be the same as others by my dad everyday

i just wan to fit in. thats all i ask for. but i know i wont. thats what kills me on the inside.
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1 Response Dec 21, 2012

You have to love yourself for who you are and the challenges you've been given.

There's no point in hating yourself over things you can't control.

Forget the people that are mean to you; there's so much life and things to do outside of high school. You'll meet someone who will make you happy. You'll make friends. I promise.
Forget your dad. You be you. Forget trying to be like everyone else. You, be you.

That's how you'll make your family proud.

thank you