Nobody Knows It But Me

I Wear a Smile on the outside To cover what's Going on in the inside. I keep a Brave face so no one know's the pain that I feel. Truth is I am crying on the inside.

No one knows the Pain I feel inside At times. Like Right now I am hurting more than anyone knows. My sister is laying in a Bed Restrained.. Cusing me out For not letting her out of them so she can take off her oxygen keeping her alive. Feeling bad Because I won't Help her Be comfortable.

I keep the brave face Though not showing how much pain I am in. Physically, emotionally, Mentally. Is it ok? No. But It's what I have to do.

CountryAngel CountryAngel
3 Responses Oct 10, 2008

Thanks All

Celainn makes a great argument.....<br />

They have her Sadated To keep her calm. She will be ok.