I Cant Stop the Tears!

I have been so brave all day not letting anyone see how much my debt is getting to me but now I'm on my own i cant stop the bloody tears!

I am nearly up2 my overdraft limit a week since Ive been paid! i went to the bank today pleading for help i was nearly on my knees! As i still have bills n my deposit for my parachute jump coming out later in the month!

They looked on their big fancy computers n told me there is nothing they can do!

I had a loan 18 months ago as i was £650 overdrawn n going deeper so they a loan for £1000!
My last payment for that loan is next month! Ive not missed a single payment or delayed it or anything but they say they cant extend it or give me a new one as I'm spending money i haven't got!

But they up my overdraft to cover the money which is going out! My overdraft is only £250 at the mo so i cant understand why they wont let me up it! They did last year n then they jumped at the chance to get me a loan!

To top it all off though was the fact they gave me a guy to talk to who looked younger than me! n then he said is there any chance that your parents could sub you until payday!!!

1 my parents don't know I'm in this mess n that i was there

n 2 did he really think ill be sat in that room with him tears filling my eyes n me just giving up on everything if they could!!!!

If it wasn't for my friend sat outside waiting for me i think i would of just walked out in front of a bus!!!

I know it isn't alot of debt but everything is going to be declined n i wont be able to pay for my jump n thats not for me its in memory of a Lil boy!
I can live off nothing Ive been a student i know how it goes i just want to make sure my bills get paid!

I just wanted them to help me! i just don't get it why they wouldn't do it!!!
sazead sazead
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2 Responses Mar 12, 2007

its only money don't worry too much

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