i am suppose to be laying in bed, sleeping, but instead, i am laying in bed, texting lookhowtheyshine, and watching high school musical 3, and while im doing that, i am doing nothing but crying. Crying is all i know how to do right now!

i am dealing with so much ****, and so much stress right now, my step in mom was hit by her husband, so now im really worried about her! My best friend leah is still not getting any better, if anything she is doing worse! heidi is heidi, and if you know heidi it means she is really depressed and is not doing good at all.

My friend Audra is not doing good at all. She has stomache cancer, and she is struggling really bad, and its spreading everywhere. She is suppose to be in hospic, but right now, she is in ICU because she keeps throwing up blood.

My grandfather has cancer of the bladder, and he is not going to be around much more, and I am so scared I am not going to be able to see him ever again alive. It just hurts so bad. I Love him more than anything in the world, and we have always been close and now I feel like I have already lost him....

I am just sitting here crying, I am superised that I haven't woken up brian, and spreaking of brian, he said something earlier, about us taking a break, and it really upset me, and it is just one more thing to add to my many tears that have been flowing down all night.


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3 Responses May 27, 2009

If you need to talk I am there for you.

I agree with E1R - I feel helpless to do much for you but pray - but just yesterday I made a comment to someone else - PRAYER - it can be powerful and life changing. I just now bowed my head and said a prayer for you - that is so much for someone to carry on their shoulders.<br />
<br />
I can tell by your story that you care very deeply for the people in your life - that is an amazing character trait to have and it shows what a strong person you are - plus the people in your life are blessed to have you in their lives!! God bless - and I always have ears (or is that eyes, since I am reading?) to listen (read)!

I am so sorry to hear of your pain. You are in my thoughts and prayers