"AZUCAR", the famous saying of Celia Cruz.  I'm a cigar roller, taught at the age of thirteen.  I love being Cuban, it's nothing but passion running through my veins.  Cubans always say that if you put a bunch of us in one room together, each and every one of us is right.  Well that's correct, we are always right.  Growing up in Miami has been wonderful, you know-that Spanglish talk, but no I always stayed true to speaking the language.  It was wonderful to go across the street and just take a swim in that green-blue sea and smell that air as if it was a part of you.  I say all this because I now reside in Omaha, Nebraska.  Can you believe it?  I can't!  Well I'm content doing my rolling parties here and hopefully in a few years if all is well, I'll be back in Miami.  What I have to say is that I'm proud to be a Cuban and some day may we all see "CUBA LIBRE!"

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3 Responses May 4, 2010

Ohh I love Celia Cruz. I am from Cuba too. My name is Sabrina

Viva la Cuba! Espero que pueda regresar a mi hogar en Cienfuegos :(

How did you end up in Omaha? :-)