I Need A Spanking ...

i am a 39 year old male who has had a bit of a fetish i guess for spanking ..im also a happily married man but my wife has no desire to be given a spanking ..im happy to recieve a spanking but also like the idea of putting my wife over my knee for a spanking ...ofcourse i would never really hurt her...i need some advice ,can anyone suggest how ican swing my wife around to try a bit of a spanking scenario ?..or is that area a lost cause with my wife ..if so ,i may have to find somewhere i can go to give and recieve a spanking .....dont get me wrong ,if i went somewhere else for this action ,i would never go any further than a spanking with someone else ...thank u
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Fortunately guys, I'm a little better situation ~ my wife does it for me, but I like it to be more frequently.
I also do not know where the craze comes from. Good luck!

*across her butt with a belt * i meant

hey nettlekone ..thank u for your reply .....i had just about given up on this site for help in this matter ..lol...im quite sure she has never done the ' spit on the floor or you are out of mind u pervert lines '..that i can remember anyway ....but when i have dropped a hint to her of playfully putting her over my knee for a 'buttslapping'..she hasnt really said anything in reference to it ...she gave up smoking nearly a year ago ,and i sometimes have mentioned as a stir that if she started up smoking again ,id have tp put her over my knee ....but she never really sys anything in reply to that ..but she doesnt go off about it either ..and i have thought b4 that ,acouple of wines ...she may be up for it ....but no luck yet ....guess it doesnt help that my ex girlfriend from yonks ago used to enjoy that sort of thing , even asking me to whip herself across ur backside to see wot it feels like ..(i wouldnt do it too hard ofcourse)...im not worried bout whipping my wife across her butt with a butt ,just a bit of od OTK buttslapping ...lol..wot do u think ?.