I am 16 and get spanked for lots of different things. I am curious about adults who still get spanked and if it helps them as much as it helps me. Spanking gives me structure and teaches me right and wrong. Some of my friends think I am too old to be spanked but it's pretty normal in my house.
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thanks for responding Although we don't know each other. I admire. Your courage in sharing your experience. In regard to spanking It is good if these spankings help you
that you have a good attitude about. The spankings.you get. If they help you. That s. What counts. What others think doesn't matter as you are one who gets the spankings. - If you could share a little about the spankings you do get. It would be helpful. Thanks Jim .

My last parental whipping was a month before I turned 17 for going to a concert that I had been expressly forbidden from attending. It was my second experience with my grandfather's old razor strop that was only used for serious offenses.

My father used it full force on my bare bottom and thighs thirty five times while I straddled and bent over an old picnic bench in the basement.

I had it coming.

After that, the only official punishments have been going to jail, and I assure you, a whipping is better than a month or more behind bars.

Thanks for postings. - first off at 16. Your not to old to get a spanking. -it doesn't. Matter what your friends think -you have to live I your house and if you get spankings. For what ever reason. That s your business. -in addition. If these spankings. Help you then it s a good learning experience. For you -you appear to have a good attitude towards the spankings. You get. - you indicated. It helps you -we all need reminders. Sometimes in order to keep us straight. It's very necessary. -I believe. You have a good attitude. And this can only be good. write.back to me and let me know how you are doing. Thanks Jim