I'm friends with this girl and she's Bi but she's more into girls. Sometimes I wonder what it would be like making love to her. When I see her pierced lips I wonder what it would be like to kiss them biting her lower lip a little. Then to kiss her neck and move down to her collar bone and start kissing all over her naked body. Kissing her chest down a little more to her stomach then down between her thighs. Start licking her, I'm curious how she tastes and feels with my fingers sliding in her *****. I want to hear her moan as I lick her, I want her to ******. I want to come up and kiss her as I insert myself in her again and again and again.

But then I wake up from this fantasy and realize she too crazy about some girl that treats her like crap. If only my fantasy would come true haha I'd rock her world.

RunWpac11 RunWpac11
22-25, M
Mar 15, 2010