Remembering A Youthful Experience

I was 15 or 16 and spent an occaisional weekend at Gary's house. Like most teenage guys we fantasized about girls. Next thing you know we were getting turned on and hard. In bed and under the sheets I saw his hard penis and got more turned on. It wasn't long before we were holding each others ****, What an awsome feeling. It's been decades,but I still get turned on thinking about it. Will reality still be as good as my memories,? Should I try it?  and how do I go about finding a stright guy who would enjoy same?
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8 Responses Jul 12, 2010

There seems to be quite a few guys that experienced this in their youth and now later in life want it again.

I remember when i was 14 years old i was always a horny little kid growing up and it was no different in my teens so one day i was at one of my best friends house and we were playing truth or dare with his older sister and one of her friends well they dared us to make out with them and to show them are penises so we did thinking that it was going to go further but it didnt. At this point we were very horny and the game was over so i asked my friend if he wanted to go to the high school were there was a sylow so we did. When we got there he asked what i wanted to do and i said well we both r hard and horny lets jack off so we did but we didnt jack off eachother and now looking back i wish we had it would have been better. Maybe one day i will find another friend that doesnt mind doing that from time to time.

Well u turned me on..

I have had several mutual ************ experiences,I have enjoyed most of them,I love to play with another guys ****!

I enjoy stories of straight guys discreetly playing with each other justfor the pleasure.<br />
I have had some experiences and were always a turn on.

I am stroking my penis as I read this. Yes its a wonderfull experience.<br />
Only a guy know to please another guy. I think if you get a chance you should go for it

I also spent many happy hours with my best friend during our early teenaged years enjoying mutual ************ always over the girls at school or other close females, books etc. Now in my late 50s and never have had the chance to repeat the playing but look back fondly on them. I suggest if you get chance and the partner is discreet and aware of your boundaries you go for it.

Straight and discreet it is a big turnon.

I bet it would be as good, not sure how to go about it.<br />
I'm stroking my **** now imagining you stroking mine while I stroke yours, feels so good

I get wet with precum just reading these stories.