Silk Boxers And Mall Furniture

So a few years ago the 10 employees that worked for me got me a pair of silky Mickey Mouse boxers for Christmas. Kind of a gag gift to me and I accepted them as they all giggled (they were all women) and when I got home I threw them in a drawer in my room. I didn't wear boxers, ever, and surely not ones like these. I got a snicker every time I opened the drawer and saw them laying there.

Well - my W and I decided to do some Christmas shopping at the mall (which I hated going to anyway but this was before the internet) and as I was getting dressed I opened my drawer to grab underpants and saw them, and with their Chirstmas theme I thought - "what the hell" and put them on.

Now- I had never had anything like this on against my skin in this fashion - between tight jeans and my flesh. I had NO idea what would happen. I was not completely in the door of the mall from the parking lot when I could feel their silky-ness rubbing against my **** - feelings I had only experienced a hand full of times when ************ when I was young... it was the feeling of this silky material against my **** much in the way of ************ with a silky nighty or slip of my sisters from the laundry. I felt my **** growing and I had to actually giggle - to which my wife said "what?" As we walked in this clothing store and towards the mall area I whispered that maybe wearing the boxers the girls at work got me wasn't a grand idea. She didn't understand and I put her hand on my crotch and she could feel I was completely aroused and leaking LOL. She said "you are sick" and looked disgusted at me and stomped off. IT WASN'T MY FAULT - I HAD NO IDEA!!! But - none the less she was pissed because now. So I kept up with her and with each step I was sent into a wonderful gasp because it has gone beyond just being aroused - I was on my way to ******* and there was nothing I could do about it. As I reached a couch and a few chairs near a large planter in the middle of the mall I KNEW what was going to happen and there was NOTHING I could do about it. I sat down in the chair and casually crossed my legs to make it look LESS obvious and I felt the heat from my face which was turning red as I sat there trying NOT to make sounds as my **** pumped and pumped and pumped *** into my Mickey Mouse Boxers and my pants. I had on dark denim jeans so I was PRAYING I could hold a bag or package my wife had bought in front of my jeans until I could clean up. I have to say - sitting there next to other people and ******* in my jeans with no help from my hands or anyone elses and knowing I had just loaded my shorts with HOT *** was a bit of turn on. My wife could tell what had happened and was absolutely disgusted. I carried a package she had bought and limped through the mall with *** running down my legs with each step and when I got to the mens room I gave her the package and ran inside. In the stall I pulled my shoes off and pulled my jeans off and pulled off my boxers and cleaned up a ton of *** that was smeared all over my crotch and thighs. I had to throw the boxers away and go FULL COMMANDO for the rest of the time which was not very comfortable - but I have to say I have thought of doing that again many many times but never carried it out.........................
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Did you ever thank your coworkers for that gift?