Since I Was A Child

My first experiences were hauntings and spirit encounters when I was about 11 or 12. I later became interested in Astrology. Since I was still technically a Christian, all studies of the occult were forbidden. I remember my Mom drawing Astrology charts when I was a small child and as I grew into a young adult, I found witchcraft very fascinating.I became intrigued with spellcasting although none of my spells ever worked. It wasn't because I'm unable to do them but because I am never completely alone long enough to focus on my work without some passerby or my nosy family members. My Mom kept quite a collection of books on witchcraft and spell casting unfortunately, alot of the books were destroyed by my family after she died. I do dream of a time when I will find a place where I can practice my techniques to my best potential. I found out my son has also taken an interest in these things.
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Sep 7, 2012