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I met the man of my dreams just over a year ago and it has been even better then I could have imagined!  He is a free spirit, like me and has introduced me to this type of lifestyle.  I am a very open individual and have listened to his ideas about polygamy and found that with the right person this could be a rewarding experience.  We have had a short relationship but she realized this was not for her and she moved on.  But it was interesting and even helped us to communicate better on what we should be looking for.
I am not bisexual but I am able to have a romantic lifestyle with another woman and my boyfriend but I have a strict rule that no one is to feel left out.  If someone is to enter our relationship then everyone is in that relationship and we should all make each other feel just as special as the other.
We have been having a hard time finding that right girl for probably the same reasons as everyone else on here so if there is anyone from Winnipeg MB on here then let me know and maybe we can chat sometime.
Cheers everyone!
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1 Response Oct 12, 2010

I am having a show on polygamy tomorrow night , 10/13/10 on The show is titled "Can women willingly share their men?" The call in # is (347)-202-0233. I would love for you and anyone you invite, to join the discussion. I am trying to get as many different opinions from other women as possible. The show will begin at 7 p.m Pacific time. Thanks and hope you can make it.