I Grew Up In Polygyny and Grew to Love It.

My parents were raised in a Mormon-poly home as well. they have passed on to me the interest in the practice. I have learned that God likes the humbleness of the household that it presents. It makes us happy to work together. It keeps us on our toes when we have children, and also gives us time-out when we need it. Love grows and peace is part of everyday life. When there are problems they are more easily taken care of. The only way to get it to this point though-is to learn how to pray and have patience with others with their problems and habits.
Hate is a horrible thing and is avoided at all costs.
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It is funny that the multiple husband thing is brought up. Me and my wife were talking on this last night (oh, point here is- you need to be able to talk to your wife/ wives about anything). I didn't really contemplate it much and told her that I would be okay with multiple husbands ( though I don't believe in it... look in another discussion where we are talking about the bible). Then we discussed the possibility of us leaving one another for either the extra person ( man/ woman) in our relationship. After a good laugh, we decided that if we all couldn't live under one roof then it would be time to build another home.....

well said, Shaylon! My thoughts exactly... how can we expect one person to be everything to us? isn't that expecting too much? My husband and I love each other very much.. but there are aspects where we cannot meet each other's needs.. do we divorce and break up our home for something so small? Do we stay as 2 and continue to be incomplete? Why should we when we can add a new aspect to our lives with another wife? Someone who can enrich our lives and we enrich hers.. how is this a bad thing? Who is diminished by this? Who is hurt? Love only grows as you love more...

People love more than one child when they have 3 or 4 children. People need more than one friend to meet all their friendship needs. Why is it so unusual to think that one lover can't meet all of your needs? Self-esteem should not come from the outside. It should come from the inside. If the woman is willing or the man where is the demeaning part of the relationship? What is your definition of true love? Assuming love exists and is not just a figment of the imagination brought on by endorphins a definition is highly subjective. Having 4 or 5 husbands sounds like a life well lived to me!:-)

One sided relationship is when one person benefits and the other does not. that is not what I saw. the interaction between the wives is priceless. they can know through friendship if the course of operation in the family is benefiting the family unit.

If a woman has self esteem problems, she would most likely never seriously consider it. She won't try to be open to other women intruding, scrutinizing, and being able to gossip about her. self esteem is all about a person loving him/herself enough to open up, or not.

How can you truly love someone if you need more than one wife? How would you feel if instead your wife had multiple husbands? And if a woman has self esteem, she won't demean herself by placing herself in such a one sided relationship.