Close To Join A Polygamist Relationship....

So... A year ago I meet this couple that moved into my town. They happen to have a polygamist relationship, in which the boyfriend has multiple partners. They had become my best friends and I have met all the girls, and we get along just fine. It so happens that the guy and I have started to mess around sometimes, and we recently came up to the realization that we are more than just friends, but still seat in an undefined category. The situation is difficult in various ways: everyone is afraid to lose the friendship we have. Also, he already has three girls in his relationship: one is long-distance, another is week-end based (she lives three hours away) and what I call the 'official' girlfriend that lives with him. That leaves little time to share between them all, and adding one more person would be rather problematic. The thing is he wants me to start thinking about the possibility of being part of the relationship in a more official matter. I am not worried about the social implications in anyway, but I am rather worried about the relationship per ce. He thinks I would be a great fit, but because I have been a friend to everyone, I know how they struggle, and I know it is hard work... even more than a normal relationship. As we are they already complain sometimes.... I have never felt clueless about a decision I had to make... but this time it's terribly confusing.... especially because the only people I can ask feedback about are in the relationship. There is no third party person that I know that can stay away from the prejudices of such relationship and help me in a rational way!
ponderinggirl ponderinggirl
26-30, F
Jun 18, 2011