I Think It Might Be Nice

I think that if you could kinda seperate the things that you do as a wife and each person took the "jobs" that they enjoyed it could be amazing! Like #1 wife could have the babies so not everyone had to get fat & saggy. #2 wife could deal with the mother in law & #3 wife could be just for *******!!! It would be wonderful to be #3 in that case!
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a friend of mine in Utah lives this way and it sounds deliciously wonderful and there are many requests for it in the bdsm lifestyle

lmao emma, i luv ur style and candor... and although many seem to self-destruct, i have old friends in one ongoing successful poly family relationship very close to ur fantasy... two couples with 4 kids each formed a blended family, sold their houses, built a huge compound in the woods where they could enjoy a truly open naked family lifestyle, and swapped partners to make 2 more kids 9 months later within 36 hours...
both moms are still hot, one manages the property and home schools 6 of the 10 kids (4 to 12), other mom and both dads bring in big $$ with professional jobs, and 4 older kids (16-24) go to high school and college, and help service the founders...;)

Ha ha ha. I think all the others wives would be plotting to replace wife #3. Maybe they could draw straws. Loser gets the mother-in-law? *smile*

ha - that sounds like fun, especially for the guy!

More polyamory where everyone in the group shares everything.

I like your way of thinking

Your welcome here anyday

wouldnt you get bored waiting ur turn

Seems to me it would make for a lot of horny nights.....

LOL... hopefully you get your pick. LOL<br />
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