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I Think It Might Be Nice

I think that if you could kinda seperate the things that you do as a wife and each person took the "jobs" that they enjoyed it could be amazing! Like #1 wife could have the babies so not everyone had to get fat & saggy. #2 wife could deal with the mother in law & #3 wife could be just for *******!!! It would be wonderful to be #3 in that case!
daddysemma daddysemma 18-21, F 6 Responses Jul 2, 2011

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More polyamory where everyone in the group shares everything.

It seems to me that it would make a lot more sense for women to have multiple Husband-
More money& each one wouldn't have to work so hard or much to provide a good living-
If one couldn't get it up-was miserable ect. there would be a backup availible-

Two or three husbands with part time jobs and a comfortable house to share would make a nice combination. The same might be said for multiple wives. I\'d like to think the women wouldn\'t have to work.....having children and caring for a house is a lot of work. I could see being a house husband in that arrangement......:D perhaps the ladies wouldnt mind providing the income if the house and children were in good hands?

Yea-BUT--A very young man Might be able to \"Allmost keep up with two or three women(Sexually) but For How many yrs?

And having the backup would almost always insure another woodie......Maybe even mood enhancement.....

Very terms of longevity, it makes more sense to have multiple husbands. I think I could go that route with the right mates.

By george--I believe you\'ve Got it

One of my main motives, of course, is so I can experience my wife getting extra sex.....and the effects that would have on her/us. The other benefits would be secondary but there are so many in my mind.....

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I like your way of thinking

Your welcome here anyday

wouldnt you get bored waiting ur turn

Seems to me it would make for a lot of horny nights.....

LOL... hopefully you get your pick. LOL<br />
<br />