I Understand

I have 1 wife and planning on marriage to second in april. The thing is that there isnt anywhere for the wives to talk with other like minded people. I t is hard looking up like minded in the same town we live in. Iam new to the forum and would love all input. Yes Iam deeply in love with both my girls and Im looking for feed back.
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1 Response Jun 11, 2012

This is not feedback, but a question. Do your wives love eachother as well? I mean as far as, are the two of them intamate with eachother? Because this is tbe type of relationship that we are seeking, and frankly I dont even know what to call it. ...........

I am in the same relationship I have a husband and a girlfriend as she is now his girlfriend too and she will be moving in soon I am searching for support or a place where there are others in the same situation I am happy and love them both very much but I agree I do not know what it is called either I m no way in doubt or seeking any type of acceptance just others in the same relationship