I Am Interested to Read All Points of View On This Subject.

i suppose polygamists get quite tired of people asking if their lives are like the HBO series "Big Love".  ;)  i'd be interested to know a real take on things.

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Big love is over-rated and unrealistic - ask away!

Big Love does a pretty good job of dealing with the emotions and thoughts that go through your head as you grow into a poly situation. The type of poly I live (polyamory, many loves) doesn't include the drama, compounds, or prairie dresses (well, most of the time... I admit I have a few tucked in between my jean skirts and khakis lol). We're just normal people who happen to love more than the usual amount of people. I live in New England, and I've been pleasantly surprised at the openness of our community and our church. No one seems to care. They see our kids are happy, healthy, and well adjusted. They see our lives are full of work, farming, and celebrating life. They even see us squabble from time to time, because we're "just like everyone else," but it's pretty minor. :)

4 of my five sisters, and 1 of my brothers lived polygamy. I think Big Love does a good job of with a small cast of creating many of the real life situations that actually happen in plural marriage. Many, if not all, parts of Big Love dealing with Plyg Groups etc. have been taken from reality. When Roman is shot by two women it was taken right out of history when Ervil LeBaron sent two of his wives to kill Rulon Allred; which they did.. they shot him to death in his office. It has been interesting to me to try and identify incidents with history I know or have been told. And let me tell you there are some real wierdos in the Plyg world... just like they show them on Big Love.

i understand there are some people in this world who are less than genuine and have agendas ;)<br />
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thank you for your help - i'll check it out! :) <br />
best to you and your family! :)

Try sisterwives.yuku.com<br />
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There are quite a few people on there that are currently in polygynous relationships. <br />
You don't have to join up; you can just read the threads. <br />
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Because sometimes when a stranger comes in and says "What's it like?!" they become quiet and don't want to say. They have to protect their families you know...