Update: So Behold The Wonderful New Questions?

Do sister wives in a true poly family, engage in sex with one another, or do they live for their husband only??? Or is it personal choice?

Also, I have cleared my head of different curiosities and have brought my clear conscience to my husband, yet he seems to not be as receptive to the concept as I am......
what do I do?
Most men I have met always want more than one, yet my husband 'i thought i had settled down for once with the one woman I love'...... I am his second legally bonded wife, he divorced his first because she had infidelity issues.......

I fear that later on down the road I am not going to be all he needs or wants.....and love him enough to do this??

Do I just leave it alone, and time ill tell??

But I am so anxious, and my urges for a woman grow.
OutLawedThinker OutLawedThinker
18-21, F
Nov 27, 2012