Polygamic Relationships

I believe there is nothing wrong with a man who wants to have more than one woman as his wife. I think it's beatiful and this is how the nature meant it to be.
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Curious755, many women is plural marriages are totally happy. If the husband is a good husband he will promote goodwill among his wives and not generate any jealousy. Many times,sister wives are very close friends who are also in love with each other.

I am seriously considering poly with my husband of 27 years and our 9 children. We are both 44 years old and I am black and my husband is white. I would love to have more children by other men and I would serve as a surrogate wife and mom.

Hi, We are a couple married for 13 yrs. have children but we are looking to add a sisterwife to our family. If interested plz let me know...Julie

There are big advantages to it. Something I'm looking into my self.