Is It the Right Thing to Do Or the Wrong Thing to Do?

I am thinking about doing this however I'm unsure of the hardships it may cause on everyone involved including myself.
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what happened katbaby then? did u go for it? how is it going? really wanna know.bye

I am having a show on polygamy tomorrow night , 10/13/10 on The show is titled "Can women willingly share their men?" The call in # is (347)-202-0233. I would love for you and anyone you invite, to join the discussion. I am trying to get as many different opinions from other women as possible. The show will begin at 7 p.m Pacific time. Thanks and hope you can make it.

how do you introduce another woman to the existing teen age children? would it be a problem?

I have 6 kids, from teen to pre-school age and my husband and I are wanting a second wife. Not sure how to handle it with the kids. We are very Christian and are so in our parenting.... So how does one transfer the concept successfully to another to whom it is totally foreign?

I am curious too. My husband wants to have both his girlfriend and me in the same house so he can be with both of us. I, like you, want to hear about more of the pros and cons from people in this kind of lifestyle.

i think that it really diminshes much of the love just because so many people can't care that much , also in many countries it's illegal so i'd think against it, sorry if i'm a bit hard

If it is applied as the bible teaches then it increases love and diminishes animosity.

what hardships do you foresee? I think it would be cool. what's holding you back?