While I Have Been In a Mult...

While I have been in a multiple domestic relationship with a couple of women for a few years. I am curious about long term commitments to this life style. Almost all societies have at some time embarrassed it to some degree or another. In closed societies it is a necessity born of statistics to allow the women to all have a spouse.

Yes on the face of it, it would seem to be a male dominated situation. But even recent studies bare out the fact that most decisions that come about in the home are a result of the females influence on the man. In short If ya cant win with just one of em, Ya sure as hell arent gonna with several or more!


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Only you Marji hahahaha<br />
Multiple MILS hahahaha<br />
Took all the fun out of that deal real quick . Too damn funny!

What ever blows ya skirt up! Won'y change the immutable fact than there are more women than men though. It isnt about control except in Islamic countries though. Look at the bible for instance.

Mountainman,<br />
I'm with ya...a new study(US)says, women are in charged of the household. Just look around - women are highly educated these days, soon there'll finally be a US president who's a woman - it's a woman's world we will live in, so polygamy just won't do...except in regions where women are still illiterate - I posted a list of possibilities in my "story".