Not the Way It Is

In my religion, it's okay for a man to have two or more wives, but not for a woman to have two husbands.  THAT's what I'd want, though. Ooohh, to have a CHOICE of who I want to sleep with???  How amazingly fantastically wonderful!!  I wouldn't need a bunch; just two is all.  One love guy, and one lust guy...
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8 Responses Aug 7, 2007

The thing is, in a poly relationship, no one is getting hurt. Why would I hurt when my sisterwife is getting what SHE needs? Why would she hurt when I'm getting some well deserved attention? :) <br />
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If you can, think of it as you would children. Do you hurt your other children if you spend time with one? I know that I like to spend quiet, private time with EACH of our children, so that each of them knows they are special and unique... and I also like to spend time with them all together, so they know they are part of a large, loving family. Wives (and husbands, btw) are no different. :)

The difficulty in having two or more wives, for a tender and sensitive man, would be to be with one of the wives if he knew it was hurting the other. How can you love two women (or men) and not hurt with them when they hurt if you truly love them. Sex would have to remain a sacred sacrament of sorts it would seem.

I've just always been poly. I tried to be monogamous with my husband, when we got married, but he cheated on me several times and I kind of got soured on it. I much prefer honest polyamory. <br />
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The best part is having people to love me and people to turn to, to talk, to learn from, to comfort or be comforted by. Ours is a large poly family, and there is always someone around if you need a hug, or want to share exciting news. :)

I have two men in my life (I'm "polyfidelitous") and we have a large poly family. We're rather happy... so it isn't impossible. :) But I'm not religious as you are (I'm a Hellenic Polytheist).

Ever consider looking into Polyamory? It sounds kinda like what you're looking for.

I agree wordgirl, the fantasy is probably much better than the reality of plural marriage.

What religion are you from or what group? **** Let me know how that works out for you. ;)