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I was engaged to this guy I met at college for over a year. We have a 6 month-old son together. Around th end of January, he told me he had "some things he needed to get out of the way" with a friend of his. I told him to just "get it over with" and later I changed my mind and was going to tell him not to, but he did it before I got the chance. I broke up with him for less than a week, and when I got back together, I stopped being jealous and angry and actually WANTED to have a semi-open relationship (only with the friend in question) until we got married. Then, only a couple weeks later, I find oout he's fallen for her, but still loves me, and wants to be with both of us. I broke up with him again, because I was scared and I've never thought of polygamy as being right for me. But now, I'm not sure. the only things I know for sure are I'm not happy without him, and I do care for the other girl, and she cares for me, too. She's totally okay with a polygamous relationship. I'm going to give it a try, just because it has potential to make me happy. But I'm deathly afraid that I'll get hurt again, or that I'll change my mind again.
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I think you'll find that if you all communicate openly and honestly, things will work themselves out. If you honestly want to have a poly relationship, keep in mind that "the other girl" (or guy, or couple, or whatever) is not disposable... and neither are you. This isn't about lining up partners for future conquest - it's about making family, being happy, and growing as human beings.