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We started talking about gender stratification in sociology class today.  My teacher brought up that there is only one known society that had female ploygamy.  She went on to explain a little about the society - constantly at war, the youngest husband would stay home to be a model to the children and take care of them, when the men returned from war they would look for a shield by the door because that meant another was there and he had to wait his turn - and I was fascinated by it.
Shortly after we talked about how China has too many males and so few females and I thought "Let me be a polygamist and take those boys off China's hands"  XD

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I believe what you're referring to is "polygyny" or "more than one husband." :) I happen to have two husbands, of sorts. We can't get married, of course, because the laws don't allow for that. However, the five of us (two men, three women) live in one big house and we recently incorporated. Hey, a contract is a contract, right? :) There have been a few places where multiple husbands has been acceptable, but not "state sanctioned" to my knowledge. <br />
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Most of the time, multiple spouses have been the exception, rather than the rule. And that's fine... Most people (that I know, at least) are not hard wired to be together with more than one other. :)