3way Relationship

I am a female and I have been involved in a 3 way relationship with a man and a woman for the past year now and it hasnt been so great...they have kids and they are married... I was let into their relationship and we all tried to work thngs out... its usually ok for a while and then things go crazy... our personalities dont go well together and things usually get outta control. But everytime I leave , its only about a week or 2 MAYBE that goes by until we are all right back to where we started again. This time ive left and moved back in with my mom... im 25 ... she has put certain restrictions on me and one of em being i have no contact with these people.. so now im screwed. My family thinks im crazy and wants to put me away becuz I want contact with them and we all still want to work this out..... 

I dont know wat to do nemre.. 

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I Have been with my girlfriend now for 4 years and we have been having a good time and are madly in love. She recently told me she is Bisexual and has kept from me for a while as she thought i would react negative to it. Howeve I embraced it as was extremely hammy that she was open enough to tell me how she honeslty felt.<br />
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Any way to the point..... i allowed her to experiment with other girls but she always wanted me to be involved, she has been seriously been thinking about having a 3 way relationship with me her and another girl. I have been researching about it and it seems logical that people do get jealous but what seems to be the trend is tri couples who are honest and have good communication seem to weather the storm.<br />
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What I'm asking is not if you think its right but where would i find a female who shared the same values as us and had a lot of love to give not only a female but also a male<br />
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Share your thoughts.

I have a friend about your age in a similar situation, both with the married couple and her parents reaction to it. Would you mind elaborating on how things "go crazy?" What is bad about this arrangement? I love my friend and her parents and just can't figure this thing out, or how to help any of them.

I agree. Thnks for ur feedback. So much has gone on with this relationship and like every other relationship it has its trials and tribulations...it just needs to be worked on...