I Am Fascinated By Polygamy!

I became a fan of the show "Big Love" last year. However, it wasn't until this year that I really became fascinated by polygamy...almost a little obsessive. I've read everything about it that I can on the internet and have even searched some of the personal ads for polygamy to see what these couples or singles are looking for. A part of me loves the idea of polygamy and think it would be great to try it. I don't think my husband understands why I'm so fascinated by it. He doesn't understand why people do it. But if you've read the bible, there are many passages that elude to the fact that God wants families to be righteous and produce righteous children. In fact, there are parts that actually encourage polygamy, which is one of the basis for the LDS background in polygamy. I wish there were a way to "try it out" but then again, who knows what you would be inviting into your house!!
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I Have been with my girlfriend now for 4 years and we have been having a good time and are madly in love. She recently told me she is Bisexual and has kept from me for a while as she thought i would react negative to it. Howeve I embraced it as was extremely hammy that she was open enough to tell me how she honeslty felt.<br />
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Any way to the point..... i allowed her to experiment with other girls but she always wanted me to be involved, she has been seriously been thinking about having a 3 way relationship with me her and another girl. I have been researching about it and it seems logical that people do get jealous but what seems to be the trend is tri couples who are honest and have good communication seem to weather the storm.<br />
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What I'm asking is not if you think its right but where would i find a female who shared the same values as us and had a lot of love to give not only a female but also a male<br />
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yo sup

I had an aunt who used to say, "You pays yo money and you takes yo chances." There is no way to be certain of anything except (as Franklin said it) death and taxes. I knew my first wife from the time I was eight years old, but after 14 years she decided to cut out. Five daughters tell me it was the right thing to have done. <br />
My wife met a young woman who wanted to be a part of the family and they spent some time together, but in the end the only thing that was going to make the young woman happy was to have me and get rid of the best part of me. Mentally unbalanced I think I could say about her without being to harsh. Thank goodness she is only a distant memory now. <br />
I think the best story I know is when a friend told me how he and his wife laid awake all night going over all the reasons why they should not marry Jill... but it was what they were feeling inside, something they could not deny. When the scripture talks about working out our salvation with fear and trembling it might as well be talking about plural marriage. good luck on your journey!

My Wife Wrote:<br />
Hello, I am very pleased with your story. Me and my husband are LDS and we believe in marrying more than one wife. And yes we read the bible often and we too believe its the righteous way to live. It is. My husband grew up in a house like this and they live very peacefully and do lots of good works. I love it and I think the Lord will bless you the way you think. Not too many people think like me and you, and I think it is sad.

I was a husband of two wives for 8 years it was great the only problem when wife number two got married too someone else wife 1 and I seperated it was wife two that held us together would I do this again yes it was fun being dad and husband

would you have a problem sharing your husband?

I so relate to how you feel! My husband is also not sure why I am so attracted to it...but I would like to try it some how

I so relate to how you feel! My husband is also not sure why I am so attracted to it...but I would like to try it some how

MythicalLady, I wouldn't want to share sexual expeirences. I think that demeans the whole concept of polygamy, especially regarding the religious aspect.

YES! :) That's just one of the Many benefits - why would you deny it?