I Support Polygny

HI!  i am not in to any kind of weird nasty kinky stuff... I support Polygny because it is biblical, and because it does not make any sense to me tha *** should be a crime!! If a man chooses to marry more than one woman, like they did in the old testament we are christians, then why is it a crime? men leave women pregnant with kids and then take off this way,... they stick around and build families.. men are supposed to procreate with more than one woman it is nature.. MY OPINION. So if it is practiced in a righteous way then yes absolutely i support it, and also between consenting adults no one under 18!!! let me make that clear/

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3 Responses Apr 1, 2009

Me, I support poly because it's just right. :) It isn't that it's Biblical, though if some people feel comfort from that knowledge, that's fine too. I don't think poly is right for everyone, though... It's something that has to call to you, something that has to sing in your blood.

Jb: Women are always saying there are no good men left, and I see how many are mistreated everyday. If polygyny were practiced more men would have to straighten up if they wanted to get married. As it is now, and if you are a man, you know saying of most of these types, i.e., there are plenty more looking why should I commit," <br />
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Frenchspaniard: It is about caring for another not only about your happiness.

My best friend is poly-amorous. He has a heart that is strong enough to emotionally support multiple women. He has been lucky to find several women to love, really love, not just have relations with. Women are emotional beings who need alot of emotional support as well as money, shelter, sex and children. Are you prepared to give all of that?