I Think It Would Be Awesome!!

I think that to have a poly family would be great. Have the oppurtunity to love more than one person freely!! Wow I would love that!! Skydancer
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I am looking to build a poly family. Any good women interested please write me. Thanks.

Hello girl.

Hi Skydancer,<br />
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Dont do it ! You will end up misearable. Trust me i m in this position. Women just cant share. Jealousy and suspicions always in their minds.

Beware of the puritans that want to maintain the status quo. There are not many women that want to share their men, especially if he's wealthy. Existing mono marriages are doomed. Only once this practise (polygamy/andry) has been established for two or three generations mankind will realise monogamy's impracticality.

I wish I could find a group in Sc. Any help?

Well if you really mean that then go and find it, there are a lot of good polygamy groups in Utah like the one I am involved in that could teach you more about it.