I Agree With Polygamy

what a fabulous way of life.i totally believe that a man should be allowed more than one wife.to be very blunt i will say that men need[yes need]sex with more than one woman + women want some space in their lives.so why not be grown up about it all.if you allow the man in your life to have another woman that you agree with he will not leave to go + have an affair.also,it takes a village to raise a child-2 or 3 women helping each other with the kids,the women are happy,the man gets different sex from the different women as we all like different things + the children are raised with an extended family.what isnt there to like about this lifestyle.i would like to add that these are not the views of a niave young girl,i am 36 + was married for 10 yrs. 

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There are also fusional polyamorous couples out there... One man two women, two men one women that all have sexual relationships with each other. Some are committed some are not, it's a brave new world. I don't judge, because it's their bodies and everyone is consenting.

Would you love another man and marry him while being married to your husband?Would you see any benefits from being married to two men? Did you also say that men in general will cheat even if they have a spouse and that they need variety?Would you not feel jelaous?Thanks and take care.I wish you all the best in life.

what about a woman having 2 husbands?

There are couples and women that have two husbands as well. Just type two husband in question box. I've read a story on this site, its refreshing to see people open to sharing their stories with others.

I agree with u. I've always wanted a big family and it would be so nice to be able to have sisters/wives to talk things through when things get tough. I have to say your right about it taking alot to raise kids, Reading your thoughts felt like they came right out of my head. I was raised in america. And spent alot of time with family in Utah. My aunt lives in Provo utah. And I wish i was given the choice and knowledge of that life style. I crave a big family and that life sounds so right. I never realized how it really was till i started watching BIg Love. I think it should be an option in life just like everything else. It;s not fair that poly's get picked on when multiple marriages have been around since the dawn of man, Your so right and thank u for your words.

Ok I'm amazed that you can see it that way it's awesome. Looks like you get it I'm impressed with your openenss. Refreshing.........

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I must say you amazed me. We are very much involved in polygyny. But I must say you are one of these rare women that seem to understand these things. The benefits of polygyny to the relationship and society are too many to mention here. Well a few here. More than one female means potentially safer for the girls. If both are working, that means the mortgage is paid off faster, Sharing of house duties between three instead off two. More interesting conversations. Not have to try to be everything to your husband, Might be able to stay home easier for the children. When old and one spouse dies, you still have another partner. Probably more children meaning more family surrounding you. Home schooling if you want to do that. etc etc etc. May be you should get involved? It can be a wonderful life

Well said. My husband started listening to his inner polygamous needs and told me how much he would love a young wife number 2. I know how men after many years of monogamous marriage lust sexually for young women. He found a beautiful 20 year old who adored him and we went to Los Vegas so they could marry. He is so happy and our sex life has never been better. He adores us -is happy and trying to get wife2 pregnant. We have 3 grown children and can't wait for the next ones!!
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Maybe you shouldn't get married at all? Then it wouldn't be polygamy.

True, then you could say it would be adultery? But who cares about that. Statistically less of a commitment. More insecure for the wife maybe? More of a rank issue like I am legally his wife and you, hm. Well ? The question is this in my opinion: What is marriage to the people involved? I think it tends to be more important to women then men.
Also, the courts have not agreed with your reply that it is not polygamy. They have stated that they were cohabiting, and raised that to be equal of being married. The logic escapes me here but ......