Mostley A Question For The Ladies On Rules They Would Want Setup Before Entering Into A .............



my husband and i have had almost a polygamy relationship it was someone that i new well and it worked out very well. But we had to move and she couldn't move with us. Now we are talking with another lady and because of the fact I that I don't have the preexisting relationship with her I am a little leery.

Right now we can not have over night stays due to children and even with the last relationship we set up clear rules ahead of time because I know that is the safest way to avoid people getting hurt. Because of the differences the two situations I would love to get some input on ground rules that ladies might set up to begin this type of relationship. Because my husband gives me final say on everything involved with the set up of course with input form all involved but we want to protect our 16 year family against something that might not workout.



Thanks for your time and consideration

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I can relate very well to your situation. My partner and I discuss polygyny and I am open to the idea, but ........ I can only tolerate the idea of the second wife being someone I know and can trust. The thought of a total stranger is too much at times :) Hope everything works out for u two.