New Here. Saying "hello".

Well we live in polygamy so you could say we passed the "curious" about it mark awhile ago. We are three hearts, A husband (myself) and two wonderful wives. We like many polygamists keep a low profile due to fear of zealot harassment. We like sites like this because it shows us that even though we are cut off from others like us that they are out there and we are not alone in our lifestyle. It's not like other alternative lifestyles where they is a much broader and more open support systems out there.

We searched for several years for our second wife. We have since finding her then lived several years in plural marriage. It has been everything we hoped and more. However it takes real time and work to find the right match (and in our case we give the credit to God's hand at work). Our opinion is polygamy (we practice polygyny but using the umbella term polygamy) is a harder but much more rewarding life. It isn't for most in our opinion. Like many have said before us, if you fail at monogamy (due to commitment or ego issues) you'll almost certainly fail at polygamy. However if you feel in your heart called and believe that feeling to be true then don't give up. There will always be those quick to condemn the lifestyle that isn't thier own and try to drive fear or guilt into your heart.

Of course this isn't even 5% of our story told but we aren't really here for that. We are more here to drop a word of encouragement and some limited opinion on polygamy in general. It is important to add we only support consenting adults choosing this lifestyle. In closing if we aren't willng to stand up even alittle for the lifestyle we believe in, who will?


Peace be with you.

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I can't believe you are that lucky. lol :)

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We thank you for the kind comment :)<br />
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