Curious Curious Curious Heather About Polygamy

Maybe its security maybe its havin a family . See My mother and father both died by the time I Was 30 so i Think Im attracted to the controlling man idea Im not sure I need help with this one........Please someone

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You dont just love only one of your is it wrong for a man to love more than one women....? how about your best friend that is so jellious of your wonderful realtions ship and she ios misserable.....would you invite her into your relationship with your she can enjoy that wonderful family life to with a man you know to be good..and has proven himself....? Polygamy ...has many more bennifits for all...includiong more for the women...than the husban.....

hi everybody, I like the polygamy lifestyle.<br />
I am here because since long time I m looking to have a second wife in my life.<br />
I need help? any suggestions? related websites?....<br />

Does your wife support you?

Heather, you should pursue any lifestyle that makes you happy, no matter what others think.

Hi Heather<br />
Polygyny is a really great type of relationship. But like monogamy some are successful and some fail. <br />
Polygyny is in my opinion the best type of relationship. Yes, in any relationship there can be problems but I think that Polygyny is far superior. Let me site you a couple of the benefits as I know them.<br />
First of all back in history, it was the norm not the exception as it now is. Society seem to have forgotten this.<br />
Safety: It is safer for a female if one or more wives are in the house. Everybody just seems to behave better when others are in the vicinity. <br />
Financially: Mortgage gets paid off faster. One looses their job, it does not jeopardize the family as much. Somebody wants to pursue a career or degree, they can easier do it. Wants to home school or raise a family, no need to have a stranger babysit your children.<br />
Conversations: Much better as there are more opinions/points of views etc <br />
Female issues: Certain topics or concerns are just better be discussed between women rather than with a husband. <br />
Sexuality: Many men just seem to “need” variety in their life and unfortunately seek that outside of their relationship. Although the sexual aspect is not nearly the big issue as many outsiders believe it is, the fact remains that almost all polygamists do not resort to “outside” extra marital affairs which can health wise be dangerous to all involved.<br />
Old age: In Polygyny, you tend to have more children, hence more family. Also if one spouse passes away, you are not left alone as quickly. <br />
These are just a few of the benefits.

There's nothing wrong with polygamy if you can handle it. If I'm ever single again I'd certainly like to try it.