I had to write a paper on polygamy in college Comp 1. I was drawn in from the moment I started. I think that my intrest in it is because I never had a sister and I want to feel that closeness but also because my mother never made me do anything and now I suck as a house wife and a mother( I think I do). I would just like to have someone to talk to and to confide in. I have my husband but sometimes it is just nice to have one more person to talk to. I know my husband is interested in the idea of it and he wants to start looking but I don't know of anybody we could both agree on. I think that she will pop up out of the blue one day and it will happen. One can only pray and I think Heavenly Father will provide this addition to our family when he feels it is necessary. I thik that he wants my husband and I to grow closer in out marriage first then add the extra family member when we least expect it!


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Hello Sweets,<br />
Yes, it is normal for many, after setting aside what the sensational newspapers inform the public, and studying all the benefits of polygyny, that they would like to get in contact with us. We are Mormons and believe in the early brethren and prophets. Contact me if you want to take it a step further. <br />