I Am Curious About Polygamy

I have spoken with my husband on numerous ocassions about adding to our family. I am a jealous woman and never thought I would want this for myself or our children. Only through research into FLDS, LDS and polygamy have I seen this is the true nature of things. I have prayed to our Heavenly Father and received this response: I have been blessed in life even though I did not always follow the path of my husband or of Jesus Christ. I have been drawn to ask questions of a well known leader in the FLDS, but it hasn't become clear to me how to reach this person. If this was meant to be my life, why does everyone around me disagree? I feel so strongly, with all my heart and soul, this is the path I meant to take. i have thought of drastic measures to ensure and prayed about them...only to see this leaders face as an answer. I wish I knew what all this meant and what I should do other than what I am.

Heavenly Father please help me.......

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2 Responses Mar 1, 2010

Your great article is three years old. If you are still interested and need more info on polygamy. Then contact eat poly9876@gmail.com.

WOW! Thanks for your comment! I have watched Documentaries on TLC and discovery as well as ordering some from the BBC. I appreciate your honesty and love how you have described being "different". I definately care about how this change in our lives would affect our children. The truth is, as far as my research has taken me thus far....Mormons seem to be the ONLY religious group who is picked on or persecuted for these beliefs. What about muslims who live their faith through polygamy? I am not sure where you are from, but if you looked around your own community you may surprised! I do see it is NOT for everyone to live this way.