Banking On Heaven

I had no idea what Mormon polygamy was all about until I watched the film  "Banking on Heaven" - OMG.

I pity any woman (or man) who has to go through what fundie Mormons go through. These cults are evil beyond 

belief! I will never forget Ruth Cooke.

PainfulMisery PainfulMisery
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Mormon polygynyy is a perversion of real Bible polygyny.<br />
They force or coheres one another in to it, it is a religion obligation to them.

Its not polygamy thats bad, its what ends you use the polygamy for that is the real issue.<br />
<br />
You can be a polygamist and not need to be part of any special religion and live happy and successful lives.

I would be careful about making opinions on one source of information, most of all a movie. Even if it’s based on a true story, you have to remember that it’s only based on a true story. It has been spun and changed around to be more entertaining and fun to watch. Even if it’s shocking and upsetting, it was made that way to get that reaction. One needs to think a little before accepting information as facts.

Dear Painfulmisery<br />
I would say that you really do not know mormon polygamy. I am one. A movie does not explain to you everything about mormon polygamy. First of all the movie producer has their agenda/ biased opinion. Don't forget sensationalism sells. Secondly, there are a number of different "mormon" polygamy groups. The FLDS has been in the news but there are other groups out there. Our society does not allow marriages with underaged girls and fyi most groups do not allow that. <br />
Contrary to popular believe women are not "forced" into this. They all have cell phones, meaning, they can be arranging their departure at anytime. <br />
The benefits are obvious: Multiple incomes means less risk of foreclosure, one loses their job, there would still be enough income, Mortgage is paid off significantly faster. No babysitter required, meaning no stranger raises your kids. Less chance for student loans, <br />
Safer for a female when there is another woman in the house. Sad but true. More interesting conversations. Less chores for everybody, nice for a woman to be able to talk with another woman/sisterwife. All my friends have wonderful polygamous marriages. Monogamy has a terrible success record. 50-60% divorce is hardly acceptable. So, do your homework b4 just accepting somebody's point of view as gospel. And that includes mine too. Research it out.

I would caution forming an opinion on ONE film or documentary. However, I haven't watched this one yet! Thanks for the title!!