Polygamy Is Not Bad

I was in a relationship for 8 years and was faithfull all that time with the one woman.We had 5 kids[4of hers and 1 of mine].I loved her very much but wanted more.I think if this way of life was discused we may of had a chance, but we never went there.5 children would have warranted another mother and would have taken alot of stress of us but the christian view of marriage has found a foothold in our society that is allmost imposible to overcome.I think if all parties are aware of the situation and there is no abuse in the mariage,then what is the problem.  

christopher75 christopher75
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2 Responses Mar 9, 2010

You are so right. After many years with a good wife, a man needs to has sexual desires for another woman too. that is natural for almost all men. Unfortunately, society doesn't allow this - but is does allow for men to commit adultery, cheat and lie. Polygamy would solve this problem!! No woman really wants to be a mistress, most would love to be a wife - even wife number 2 or 3!

i happen to agree with you.to bad more people dont