Mutual Relationship (non-religous Poligamist Relationship)

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My husband and I were in a great long term polygamist type relationship for many years. When our other had to leave for a job and we moved across the country it dissolved and we were devastated by losing her as a part of our lives. We have been for years looking for the right person to complete our family again. We are in this type of relationship because it was great for all parties to share a loving relationship with each other. We are not swingers or wanting to look for a booty call. As well we are not LDS or Mormons or affiliated in any religious form of polygamy. We had our relationship built like this to share a loving life with another woman wanting to be loved by two full hearted people. If anyone could help us find any websites or non- religious groups that can help us find a loving partner to be in our lives that would be great.

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2 Responses Mar 11, 2010 I met some great people on there, but ultimately decided to go back to a monogamous relationship with an ex because I love him deeply. I really do recommend this site.<br /><br />