I Have Been In Poly Relationsip And Seek New Relationships

After my divorce in 1997. I met a couple in 2000 and we begain a poly relationship, it had been their dream for years, I certainly fulfilling it for them. It was mostly about sex at first. They wanted new experiences and with me, they found it. It would take too long to list our fun times together. Eventually we added three females to our family and our lives and times were marvelous together.  I however, paid for everything, and it became a drain on my resourcs beyoung belief. When My mother because ill, I needed to care for her, So I relocated to be near her.  Now I am without my poly family and miss it so much.  I married one of the women I was poly with, because she was so loving and so very sexually oriented. She was my perfect match. 

But now, we miss the closeness that being poly brings.  Its proven difficult to find poly relationships hear out in the country, where I moved to, becuse I couldn't afford city houses.  We are near St. Louis, St. Chalres, St Peters and Ofallen Mo, etc.  God I hope we meet someone soon.

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41-45, M
1 Response Mar 15, 2010

Sorry about the family. Hope you have luck finding what you looking for!